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What is Systems Innovation?

Systems innovation is a new approach to innovation that tries to tackle complex systemic challenges through the use of systems thinking and new technologies. It is a kind of innovation that aims to change the underlying structure of a system rather than just any of its individual parts.

Online Learning and collaborative platform
for systems thinking and systems change

What Do You Do?

We are an e-Learning and collaborative platform on a mission to increase the capacity of individuals and organizations to do transformational change through systems innovation ideas and approaches. To do this we provided educational content and training services around system thinking and systems change; we develop tools for people to apply these ideas and foster a community of systems innovators through our global network of city-based hubs.



The world is changing in profound ways as we go from disconnected to connected, transforming boxes and silos into networks. This creates both challenges and opportunities in the face of which traditional ways of thinking based upon reductionist simplification are failing and new networked approaches are now needed to better meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of today – to start to change whole systems rather than just parts.



We are a networked organization of some 10K members, 30-40 organizations and 20 partners that contribute to creating content, organizing events, running the website etc. We serve a broad and diverse community of users from academics – students, researchers, professors – to management – consultants, analysts, policymakers – to designers, engineers and developers. Our educational content is used by universities and organizations small and large around the world

Frequently asked questions

What type of organization are you?

We are a business organization registered in the Republic of Ireland under the name Systems Innovation Platform, Reg. Number No. 691046

What is your business model?

We generate revenue by selling subscription plans for accessing and reusing our educational content. We also generate revenue by providing customized services to organizations, such as training, consulting, speakings etc.

Where is the community?

The Si community can be found at https://www.systemsinnovation.network

Who are your users?

Our user base spans a wide spectrum from academics - researchers, professors, students - to management - business, entrepreneurs, consultants, analysts, public sector - to designers and technologists - engineers, systems designers, developers, service designers etc

Who is the best person to get in touch with

If you want to contact us just use the contact us form and we will rout the message to the appropriate person