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We envision a world where systems work, and they work for everyone, but business as usual will not get us there... we need to learn something new, we need to learn how to innovate in systems

We are Si



We are a community platform for systems innovators. We enable people to learn about the new ideas of systems thinking, we provide them with the tools and bring them together to cocreate systems change. We exist to build better systems.



The world is changing in profound ways as centuries-old Industrial Age modes of thinking and organizing reach their limits and come to the end of their life cycle. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the key systems we all use and rely on need to evolve and change on a fundamental level. In this context, we are challenged to innovate in transformative ways towards developing new ways of thinking and new ways of organizing that are relevant for an age of sustainability, connectivity, automation, and globalization. These kinds of changes can not be realized by anyone or a subset of organizations but require the widespread decentralized advent of new paradigms in thinking and new modes of collaborating, many of which exist or are currently being brought into being but remain fragmented.

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We are developing a platform to connect and integrate these new modes to accelerate the shift to a new paradigm. We aim to build a connected and inspired global community of systems thinkers and change agents who can think and act systemically. We aim to provide the best in thinking, the tools, and software platform to enable interaction, learning exchange, collaboration, and the formation of functional networks towards systems innovation in practice. We do this both locally and globally. Through a network of local hubs, we create the context for people to learn, connect, create and build local systems innovation ecosystems. By connecting these local communities through a shared platform we enable fast pace experimentation and learning.

"These powerful emergent phenomena appear suddenly and surprisingly.  Think about how the Berlin Wall suddenly came down, how the Soviet Union ended, how corporate power quickly came to dominate globally.  In each case, there were many local actions and decisions, most of which were invisible and unknown to each other, and none of which was powerful enough by itself to create change.  But when these local changes coalesced, new power emerged.  What could not be accomplished by diplomacy, politics, protests, or strategy suddenly happened.  And when each materialized, most were surprised.  Emergent phenomena always have these characteristics: They exert much more power than the sum of their parts; they always possess new capacities different from the local actions that engendered them; they always surprise us by their appearance" - Margaret Wheatley

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We are a platform organization of some 10K members, 50-100 hub team members, 20 hub representatives, 4-5 people form part of the platform team and multiple people contribute to creating content, organizing events, running the website etc. Our community is broad and diverse, designers, academic, innovators and entrepreneurs, change makers, management. Our educational content is used by over 1 million people every year, as well as countless universities and organizations small and large around the world.

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