Si Food Network

An online community for food systems innovation in theory and practice

So, what's the Plan

We are developing a network for systems innovation in the context of food systems - a community of practice for those interested in new approaches based upon systems thinking.

“A community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly."

The Why

The food systems that we live with today are not working in terms of their outcomes for
feeding large sections of humanity, for human nutrition and health systems, for ecosystems,
nor are they working economically or socially for many farmers and communities around the
world. Something better is possible but it will not be realized through piecemeal and
incremental improvements around the edges of an industrial age model to agriculture, what is
needed are structural changes; changes to the very foundations of how we produce, deliver
and consume food around the planet in the 21st century. We call this food systems innovation, we are here to make this happen.

What is food system innovation?

As our food systems become ever more complex and the need for more sustainable outcomes rises, systems innovation, is emerging as a promising new approach to enable the much-needed systems-level changes. It’s an approach characterized as being more holistic, taking account of all relevant factors, more networked, working with connectivity, more emergent, working with bottom-up processes of self-organization, more dynamics, dealing with processes of adaptation and evolution.



Connecting people and building a community through different kinds of events


Learning about Systems Thinking and systems change


Working on real world

projects; design, innovation or consulting


Creating collaborations for systems-level change


We are an open network, here's what the membership role looks like


1-2 people who lead the group and organize activities


Supports the group's 

development, contributing

in various ways


Join for events, are listed on the site and kept up to date via newsletter.

Systems Innovation

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