Upcoming Events

  • Wed, Jan 20
    What is systems design?
    Systems Design Discussion Group
  • Thu, Jan 28
    En ligne
    Lancement du Hub Parisien
    Qu'est-ce que l'innovation systémique ? Et si elle était notre meilleure chance d'aboutir à un futur plus soutenable ?
  • Thu, Dec 17
    Field Studies in Systems Innovation
  • Thu, Oct 22
    Circular Design Lab: Systems Innovation Case Study
    In this session, Courtney Savie, Head of Exploration - UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Innovation Centre, and co-lead of the Circular Design Lab, will share with us the journey this organisation has taken to date, as well as highlighting how they have taken concepts from systems theory and put them into
  • Wed, Aug 26
    Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89936719846
    Decentralized Economies Open Space
    This will be a one hour open space discussion on the theme of decentralized economies - what they are and how to build them, with an example from the common stack project.
  • Sat, Aug 15
    Warm Data Discussion
    Let's talk data and complex systems

Systems Innovation

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