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Systems innovation is a new, much-needed, 21st-century capacity that is required by us, as individuals, as organizations, and whole societies to be able to transform the systems we form part of to effectively respond to the complex challenges we face.

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A New Kind of Innovation

Systems innovation is a new approach to innovation that tries to tackle complex systemic challenges through the use of systems thinking and new ways of collaborating. It is a kind of innovation that aims to change the underlying structure of a system rather than just any of its individual parts to enable transformational changes - rather than incremental improvements - it is about changing the paradigm.


Wicked Problems

Organizations and societies face a mounting array of complex challenges from climate change, to political paralysis to major cybersecurity risks. These complex, systemic, and interdependent issues we call "wicked problems". Our traditional linear approaches of fixed long-term planning by centralized organizations do not work so well given their nature. We need to do things differently, we need to innovate. But not just innovate in parts, a new electric car, a new app, or solar panel. We need to innovate in systems. We need new energy systems, educational systems, transport systems


An Issue With The Boxes

In a sense, our traditional ways of thinking based upon linear assumptions leave us without the tools to properly comprehend this new world of complexity and the kinds of challenges it presents to us. The Boxes aren’t fitting the underlying reality. We need a new way of understanding the complex systems we are now dealing with because they are very different from simpler systems. We call this Systems thinking, it helps us to better understand the complexity and how these complex systems really work. When we change the paradigm and start to understand things better we can be 10X more effective in our endeavors to change systems.