Great you are interested in becoming a partner organization in the Si ecosystem. Find here all you need to get started.

First a bit about us

Systems innovation is something new to most of us, so maybe you are not familiar with the concept. This is a new approach to innovation that tries to tackle complex problems and enable transformational change through the use of ideas from systems thinking and new networked ways of organizing; it is an approach that has huge relevance given the complexity of the challenges in the 21st century.

We are an e-learning and collaborative platform for those wishing to learn these ideas and apply them in a diversity of domains. We organize the community around "Themes"and "Hubs" becoming a partner would mean becoming part of one or more of these. Themes are specific areas - like energy, finance, healthcare etc. - where in we explore what systems innovation means in that context and how to make it happen. Hubs are a global network of local "spaces" for learning about and doing systems innovation, you will find these in major cities around the planet, 20 so far.


Complex wicked challenges - such as systemic inequality, climate change, cybersecurity, financial instability, supply chain complexity or the development of sustainable cities - require new approaches, that involve new ways of thinking and new ways of organizing. We need to innovate, but not just in parts, another app, solar panel, or car, but innovate on a systems-level; we call this systems innovation.  


In a world of exponential technological change, an unfolding sustainability crisis and the outbreak of a global pandemic, we believe systems level change it is more relevant than ever, however it is not something we are well equipped for, lots of learning and experimenting has to take place to build the capacities of individuals and organizations in this new area and this what we are here for.

Why systems innovation?

Why organizations Join

Forming part of the Si Network exposes you to a new set of ideas and methods for tackling systemic challenges and enabling transformational change. As a community of practice members join to learn - in theory and in application. Beyond learning it is about connecting and doing. With a growing network, our community creates opportunities to form new connections and collaborations within the ecosystem. You can find people with the right expertise, knowledge, and skills to exchange services and collaborate on projects.



We work hard to discover and connect with systems innovators wherever they may lie, this gives you a one-stop location to find and connect with like-minded peers.


  • Discover peers locally.

  • Form part of a global network.


  • Spark new collaborations with "unusual suspects"