Getting Involved

Great, you are interested in Joining the Si community to make things happen. Here  we walk you through the "why" "what" and "how" of it all.

How it works

We are organized as an open community, a platform for developing Systems Innovation approaches within different domains and different geographies. Our community is organized as a network of “Hubs” and "Themes". Becoming a Si Partner means you will form part of making a hub or theme happen. A hub is a localized community based in a city, e.g. a Hamburg or Mumbai. In contrast themes are based around particular domains of interest e.g. media, security or design. Beyond this you can play a role in helping to maintain and develop the organization itself, helping with events, content etc.


Become a partner in a city hub, if one does not exist in your area you can start one.

By Location

Help us figure out how to apply systems innovation in a new or existing area of your interest, e.g. food, finance, governance etc.

By Domain

Want to be part of the Si team helping with activities such as, events, content creation, project management etc?

By Function

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Other Ways To Be Involved


Follow and support us on social media by sharing, liking, commenting, etc.

Social Media

Join and get involved in events and activities at a local Si Hub

Join a Local Hub


Have an idea for a collaboration? Join our slack channel and share it



Wish to translate content into French, Chinese, Spanish or any other language? Get in touch


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