Si Partnerships

Great, you are interested in Joining the Si community as a partner individuals. Here  we walk you through the "why" "what" and "how" of it all.

How it works

We are organized as an open community, a platform for developing Systems Innovation approaches within different domains and different geographies. Our community is organized as a network of “Hubs” and "Themes". Becoming a Si Partner means you will form part of making a hub or theme happen. A hub is a localized community based in a city, e.g. a Hamburg or Mumbai. In contrast themes are based around particular domains of interest e.g. media, security or design.

Become a partner in a city hub, if one does not exist in your area you can start one.

By Location

Help us figure out how to apply systems innovation in a new or existing area

By Domain

Want to help us serve or introduce systems innovation approaches to a particular user group?

By Function

Systems Innovation

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