7. Systems Inquiry

Systems Inquiry Guide
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This guide gives an overview of systems inquiry and systems mapping. Systems inquiry is an attempt to understand and map out a given system in a comprehensive fashion - especially a complex system. What distinguishes it from other approaches to studying the workings of a system is that it is holistic; meaning we are primarily concerned with getting a view of the overall workings of the system and the major relevant factors to be considered before we start a more detail analysis. Systems inquiry differs from systems thinking - which is theoretical and abstract in nature - and different from systems change - which is about influencing a given system - it is instead about "listening" to the system to gain an understanding of how it works before we try to take any course of action. It is only from an unbiased observation of the current state of the system and an understanding of its evolution to this point that we may start to see pathways forward and how to work with the system's innate potential for change.


Systems Innovation

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