Project Requirement: Write the project whitepaper communicating the overall working of the blocksafe platform

Blocksafe Alliance is a US-based blockchain platform for setting up decentralized networks. With Blocksafe it will be relatively quick and easy to set up a decentralized application or whole ecosystem. The service offers multiple features that include the management of the entire blockchain lifecycle and support for customized blockchains with specific needs. On top of this, they provide the legal framework and turnkey solutions for building your own token economies with minimal expertise required. The blocksafe platform will consist of a modular toolkit offering end users multiple configurations to meet the specific needs of their network in an optimal fashion while requiring limited technical know-how on their behalf. We worked with the Blocksafe Alliance for an extended period writing their white paper that outlines the overall project. We then produced explainer videos to communicate this in an accessible form to their community and potential users.

Tags: Design, Decentralized Web, Security, Blockchain, Token Economies

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Completion Date: Ongoing

Partner Location: USA

Foundered: Yes



White Paper 75%

Multimedia Production 81%

Systems Innovation

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