Complexity Approach to Healthcare

Complexity Approach to Healthcare

This webinar explored the foundations of systems and complexity thinking as applied to healthcare. We discussed such questions as what is the relevance of systems and complexity science to healthcare? Can it help us re-conceptualize our understanding of health and reshape how we design, implement and manage health systems?

About the Speaker

Adjunct Professor of General Practice at Newcastle University Dr. Joachim Sturmberg is passionate about systems change in healthcare – how the new ideas of systems and complexity theory can be used to realize systems change in healthcare. He has extensive knowledge in Systems & Complexity applied to Healthcare, Health Services Research and Health Professional Education. He is the founding president at the International Society for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health and Co-editor in Chief of the Forum on Systems and Complexity in Health, JECP. He is widely published in academic journals having written numerous books on the application of systems thinking to health care including Health system redesign, The value of systems and complexity science for healthcare and the Handbook of Systems and complexity in health and the Foundations of primary care.

This event took place on the 22nd Oct at 11:00 am London Time..fusion-fullwidth.fusion-builder-row-8 { overflow:visible; }


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