Complexity Live: Systems Thinking

2nd Complexity Live

This is the second in our monthly Complexity Live streaming shows, where we were talking on the topic of systems thinking. We had some great guests joining us this time. Speakers included:

Martin Sandbrook: Martin’s background is in management and leadership, he is a professor and teaches a course in systems thinking at the Schumacher Institute.

Gene Bellinger: Gene has been very active in the world of systems thinking and system dynamics for many years he writes for The Systems Thinker website and works with the Kumu project.

Pedro Portel:a Pedro joined us from Portugal he is part of the Global Complexity Network and works as a consultant helping organizations transition to a more collaborative model.

Battle-Fisher: Ted speaker, Assistant Professor for Population and Public Health known for applying systems thinking and systems science to public policy and ethics.

Joss Colchester, Found or Complexity Labs. Angie and Haley from the HumanCurrent podcast show

Here are the questions discussed: What does systems thinking mean to you? Why is systems thinking important? How have you applied systems thinking to your work & beyond?.fusion-fullwidth.fusion-builder-row-2 { overflow:visible; }

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