Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles

Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles

Project Requirements: Create an overall vision for the development of the DAV network

DAV Foundation is a blockchain-based open-source global transportation company. DAV Foundation has a decentralized transportation network, which enables different kinds of transportation companies to join the network. This network can work with autonomous vehicles, trucks, drones, cars, and rovers. The infrastructure enables users to access a network of autonomous vehicles using a single token.

We worked with the Israeli startup DAV network that develops a decentralized approach to transportation based upon blockchain technology and token economics, enabling vehicles – such as a drone, car or lorry – to provide transport services to the network and earn tokens. We work with them to shape the overall vision of their project and the future of transport based upon blockchain technology.

Tags: Decentralized Web, Blockchain, Transport, DAO, Infrastructure, Smart Cities

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Completion Date: 5-3-2018

Partner Location: Israel

Foundered: Yes



Identity Creation 75%

Multimedia 40%

Systems Innovation

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