Disruption In Quotations

Updated: Aug 18

Disruption In Quotations

“We happen to be living in a very unique period of time where the confluence of factors such as demographics, natural resource depletion, concerns around income inequality, and the disruption of technology are now setting in” – Dambisa Moyo

“Rapidly emerging and expanding technologies are creating the infrastructure for a new hyper-digital, hyper globalized economy and society” – OECD, Foresight for Global Digital Disruptions Report

“Everywhere these small initiatives start popping up and they start chewing away at the established centralized structures” – Vince Meens

“There are many many other technologies that are being built which if on a stand alone basis may not be disruptive but when you hook them up to that digital ecosystem they become profoundly disruptive” – Patrick Forth BCG

“Hyperconnectivity is the increasing digital interconnection of people – and things – anytime and anywhere” – World Economic Forum

“Twenty years ago the digital economy didn’t even exist, today it’s worth 3$ trillion” – World Economic Forum

“[it] is that software is permeating every aspect of our lives” – Bruce Schneier, CTO IBM Resilient

“This is the first time in history when the most advanced technologies have also gone to the poorest counties” – Lord Anthony Giddens

“Our existing thinking is good for recognizing past and standard situations not good for designing new possibilities, that is why I say the limits of our thinking are the biggest problem” – Dr Edward de Bono

“About 70% of change programs fail in large organizations and that is at the normal old clock speed, things get tougher in this new world” – Patrick Forth

“We are seeing increased complex and interconnected risks increasing globally, and one of the big challenges… is then the ability to collaborate on dealing with these risks” – Borge Brende

“Innovate and adapt or manage the decay, business as usual is no longer possible” – Systems Innovation.

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