Education Circle

Education Circle

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Join the discussion on educational systems innovation in our Slack workspace.fusion-builder-column-12 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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Contact us if you would like to be part of organizing this Circle.fusion-builder-column-14 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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Centralized Systems

Around the world educational systems are facing a sustainability crisis, what worked in the past is no longer going to work in the future. The industrial age model for education was successful at what it was designed to do, educate a mass of people to a basic level suitable for an industrial labor force, but what is needed today is something very different. Success in today’s globalized economy requires a new set of skills surrounding, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, complex problem solving, high order thinking skills and adaptive capacity. With the use of a more holistic paradigm and new technologies, we can build educational systems that engender new principles and creates the new outcomes that society and economy need today and going forward but this will require system-level transformation and innovation.

Distributed Education

Our industrialized educational system is centralized in design; education is what happens within the four walls of schools, universities, libraries etc. This centralized model now presents huge barriers to progress in a world of pervasive information and learning opportunities. To harness these new opportunities the next generation of educational system needs to be decentralized, networked and user-centered. “A self-guided learner is one able to set goals, define pace and needs, attract and create necessary learning resources, and immerse oneself into a variety of learning experiences that holistically develop integral capacities and aspects of one’s personality across the learning lifecycle.” Education is not about teaching, schools or tests it is about learning; creating systems that enable people to learn is the only thing that matters. The paradigm has to shift from an objectivist model focus on teaching to a subjectivist model focus on learning, rebuilding the system to enable that rather than constrain it.


Systems Innovation

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