Finance Circle

Finance Circle

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Join the discussion on financial systems innovation in our Slack workspace.fusion-builder-column-7 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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Contact us if you would like to be part of organizing this Circle.fusion-builder-column-9 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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For all of its great achievements, behind the scenes, our industrial age financial system is not feeling so well. It’s a machine of incredible complexity that makes it slow, expensive, lacking in transparency, and is thus prone to fraud. It promotes speculation and instability, and it seems to create dangerous concentrations of wealth that leave societies divided. It begs the question, what would a functional financial system look like, that is normalized for an age of information, globalization, and works for the economy and society?

What is needed are economic and financial systems that push outwards instead of in words. Instead of wealth creation always concentrating inwards and upwards, we need systems that push outwards to integrate the many in productive and synergistic ways. Such new forms of economies are already emerging, they come under the name of alternative economies, distributed economies or token economies. Powered by a new set of web technologies – web 3.0 – they run on a very different set of principles; it is about networks and decentralization, about service ecosystems all recorded through digital token registered on blockchains. Without centralized control, such secure distributed networks hold out the potential to usher in a new infrastructure that is much better suited to supporting a global information and services economy. Our Financial Circle explores the potential for a new model to financial services at the intersection of new models from complexity theory and distributed technologies.


Systems Innovation

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