Global Supply Networks

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Global Supply Networks

“With the advent of information technology supply chains have acquired a complexity almost equivalent to that of biological systems.” Our global supply network is an extraordinary achievement of human coordination connecting people around the planet into common processes of production and exchange. But all is not well. Supply chains are at the epicenter of a sustainability crisis of epic proportions. The problem? They are heavily fractured, long, complicated and in a volatile world they are vulnerable. They lack transparency, consumers live in blind faith. Is there a different way? To move beyond lines, centralized silos to networks business ecosystems. How can we use decentralized technologies, blockchains, distributed manufacturing, IoT, pervasive data, analytics to drop transaction costs, radically improve coordination and transform businesses from single-celled organisms to multicelled organisms, adaptive, agile, transparent? The truly digital supply network does not exist yet, what will it look like? How would it change business?


Systems Innovation

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