Health Systems Video

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Health Systems Innovation

This video is a high-level presentation of our book on the application of systems thinking to health care innovation. Healthcare is at once the most personal of human experiences and the largest and most complex industry on the planet; one whose considerations span all the way from the molecular to the scale of humanity – it affects and is affected by all aspects of society and economy from the food we eat, to the materials we make, to how we design our built environment. Health systems cross the divide from science to management incorporating the study of medicine and diseases, epidemiology and the management of public health. Throughout history, the health equation has evolved with societal changes. Over the course of centuries, our understanding of health has evolved from the spiritual realm to being grounded in the realm of scientific materialism. Out of our newly found knowledge of the physical world–that the scientific revolution brought–and the new institutional paradigm of the industrial age, we built the modern health systems we inherit today.

Systems Innovation

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