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We hear the word information technology and we think we know what it is, we think it is about computers and smartphones, but it is becoming much more than this, as computing converges with biotechnology and nanotechnology with the Internet of Things, cloud computing and smart systems, every type of technology is becoming an information technology. Today information is out of its box and all technology is becoming redefined by it. Technology is no longer a one-off object that performs some physical operation, as we network our world placing sensors and actuators in all kinds of objects, technologies are becoming more like systems for executing on algorithms. Phones that just ten years ago were lumps of plastic and electronics with buttons for making calls have become smartphones that are designed to simply run code. Cars are becoming smart cars, whole cities are becoming smart cities with all of this technology increasingly connected up to the cloud where smart systems run analytics, crunching vast amounts of data, learning and feeding it back to the devices to optimize their performance.

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