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Legal systems in a network society is our paper that explores the evolution of legal systems as we move into the information age; more specifically the paper is focused on an analysis of how legal systems will need to evolve in the coming decades if they are to achieve alignment with the emerging next-generation internet. This video gives a high-level overview to the contents of the paper. Just as the last generation of web technologies made possible the formation of global scale social networks and commercial platforms that were native to the internet bringing disruption to the private sector, by making possible the public service provisioning the next generation will bring disruption to the core social institutions and structures that have regulated mass societies for decades and centuries. The age of a global marketplace for public services that are native to the internet is coming, for legal systems, for public admin, for political processes, for adjudication and enforcement. You can download the full paper by clicking here. .fusion-fullwidth.fusion-builder-row-14 { overflow:visible; }


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