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Starting London Space

We have been working on building a community around systems thinking and systems innovation for over a year now. It started with adding social networking capabilities to the site and having people sign-up, we then started partnerships with organizations, at the same time last year we launched Complexity Live doing live streaming discussions on our YouTube channel. As an extension of this, this year we started our Si Conferences, first in Barcelona then London – with more to come – both were sell-outs showing the great interest in getting off-line and connecting with others in the “real world.”

The internet is a powerful tool for education, communications, and generally organizing things but there is only so much you can do online, face to face contact, at certain times, can add an additional dimension and function as a powerful way to build connections, galvanize relations and create a sense of place and community. To this end, the idea of developing localized “spaces” to build communities offline has been with us for a while, but we are pleased to now announce that Si London will start in Spring 2020. This experimental Si space will add an extra dimension to the community we are building, giving it a sense of gravity and presence. 

The ideas of system innovation and systems change are quite new and growing in popularity but London is emerging as a primary location globally when it comes to systems change, with a growing collection of organizations, from Forum for the Future to Nesta, RSA, Ashoka, LankellyChase Foundation or the Financial Innovation Lab, among many others, all in the business of innovation and changing systems. 

When you become a member on our platform you have the option to subscribe to a location near you. Once you are a Si Space Member you will be kept up to date with activities and opportunities at that location that you might like to partake in via newsletter. To ensure consistency, organization and the best outcomes these spaces will be curated and managed by one of the partners on our site. Hoping you will be part of this and we will keep you posted with future updates.


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