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Exploring the potential for systems innovation in the new digital media environment

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Food Systems Today

Food systems are probably the most ancient human construct, we have been developing new methods, processes and techniques for the capturing and transforming of food into human nourishment for millennia. The global food system of today is truly complex in nature, crossing almost all areas from climate, water and energy, to finance and commodity markets, to politics and culture, all are interconnected through our global food system. Today’s industrial food systems are charitorized as “capital-intensive, large-scale, highly mechanized agriculture, with the monoculture of crops and extensive use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and with intensive animal husbandry.” Although this centralized industrial model has been a key driver of increased productivity in terms of calorie production, it has created many negative environmental and social externalities, that the public are becoming increasingly aware of. At the same time consumer demands and expectations surrounding food are changing fast, they want more transparency and are more concerned about environmental factors.

Distributed Food

A new more holistic approach to food system is now much needed, one that looks at an accounts for all factors along the supply chain. Driven by demand and enabled by information technology, we can already see a new kind of food system emerging at the forefront of innovation. As with other industries the value chain is being disrupted by direct peer-to-peer networks that are working to disintermediate centralized incumbents, connecting produces and consumers in new ways. Information technology is enabling a new more decentralized peer-to-peer model, where collaborative platforms connect producers directly to consumer. These platforms enable much greater transparency and end-to-end integration across the food value network, offering the possibility of a much more agile system, reducing dependency on centralized hubs, increasing diversity within the system, along with greater customization in response to end-user demand.

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