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Research & Analysis

Bringing a systems perspective to gain a better understanding of complex systems

With a huge knowledge base and the network of system thinkers and domain experts on our platform, we function as an independent research and analysis provider for external organizations. Systems thinking is an alternative paradigm, it is a new way of seeing the world which stands in contrast to our more traditional thinking. It can be applied to almost any domain of interest to create fresh insights that reveal new possibilities and out of the box solutions. This approach helps us to avoid the perennial issue of only seeing the trees and not the forest as it enables us to look at whole systems and understand things in the context of dynamic processes.

On a more concrete level, we have extensive knowledge in the analysis of a wide variety of complex systems – from financial systems to food systems to energy and healthcare. Over the years we have built up a large body of knowledge as to how to apply systems thinking to a wide variety of domains, we leverage this knowledge infrastructure to be greatly more comprehensive and efficient in our research projects.

Our platform is home to data scientists, and members with extensive knowledge in computational methods and data visualization as such we can draw upon a wide variety of capabilities when it comes to the innovative use of data to expand upon and illustrate insights. Likewise, our research is often coupled to our multimedia productions using explainer videos so as to quickly and clearly communicate key insights and reach a broader audience.

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Systems thinking is a new way of looking at the world, as such having a systems thinker on board can bring a new perspective to your research project.

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Systems and complexity provide a logically consistent and powerful theoretical framework, we can help you leverage this language to provide greater rigor, structure and consistency to your theory and models.

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We create analysis papers that go in depth in the study of a specific complex system – whether it be a financial system, a regional water system or a political network complexity theory provides new models and understanding.

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We produce solution papers that take a holistic assessment of complex wicked problems and formulate innovative new solutions based around decentralized technology and networked forms of organization.

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Systems Innovation

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