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Security Circle

The world we find ourselves inhabiting in the 21st century is a world of mounting systemic risks, along a multiplicity of dimensions. At the center of this new equation is the linkage between expanding connectivity and systemic risk. With the expansion of telecommunication networks and computerized coordination, our economies and societies have gone from disconnected to connected within the space of just a few short decades. The implications of this transformation are truly profound as it rewrites fundamental rules within which our systems of social and economic organization operate today.

Systemic risk is systemic and thus requires a systemic response. In this respect our traditional ways of thinking often fail us, analytical reasoning leads us back to seeing a set of independent phenomena, that we then try and tackle in isolation through traditional linear methods. What is needed instead is recognition to the changes that hyper-connectivity has brought about as it marks a shift from discrete parts to whole networks. The days of systems that are designed to create negative externalities that can be pushed out to the future while we patch over current issues is coming to an end; as that future is here now. What is needed today are systems of security and insurance that are wholistic in the sense that they build in all relevant factors; refactoring in the externalities to increase resilience over time.

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Systemic Risk

Systemic Risk

Systemic Risk is the risk of a breakdown of an entire system rather than simply the failure of any individual part. It is a product of the way the parts act & interact across the whole system to create the emergence of a critical system state and systemic crisis.


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