Systems Design Film

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Systems Design: Short Film

Today with the rise of information technology the scale, scope, and complexity of the systems we are challenged to design is on a new level. Where once the challenge was largely for designers and engineers to focus on technical challenges within a specific domain, today as things become connected the challenge shifts to one of designing for whole complex adaptive systems of people, objects, devices, information, money, natural resources. When things become highly interconnected, interdependent, and dynamic we need to change our thinking to a systems paradigm to be successful. Systems thinking is a way of responding to complexity as it shifts our focus from looking at separate parts to looking more at patterns of connections and the whole context. The same is true for systems design, it is a way of designing that should help us respond to the complexity of the systems we have to deal with today, to create simplicity on the other side of complexity.


Systems Innovation

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