Systems Innovation Circle

Systems Innovation Circle

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Join the discussion on systems innovation in our Slack workspace.fusion-builder-column-33 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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See all individual and organizational members of this circle.fusion-builder-column-34 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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Contact us if you would like to be part of organizing this Circle.fusion-builder-column-35 .hover-type-liftup:before{border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;;}

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Systems innovation is a term that has risen to prominence recently as around the world societies, governments, enterprises, and professionals find themselves facing a new set of highly complex challenges – what we call “wicked problems.” Such wicked problems include financial instability, ethnic conflict and terrorism, climate change and soil erosion or the challenges of designing smart cities and the risks of cybersecurity to name but a few. In the face of a growing recognition to the systemic, interconnected, interdependent and ever-evolving nature of these challenges, the term system innovation has arisen as a systems-based approach to enabling systemic transformation and sustainable solutions.

Systems innovation is about applying systems and complexity thinking towards enabling innovative solutions and transformative change within complex organizations. This approach is about tackling root causes, it is about a new “holistic” and networked way of thinking call systems thinking that enables us to better understand complex systems; to embrace complexity and the power of connectivity; to harness it towards developing sustainable solutions. This kind of ambitious agenda is now made possible by the combination of new ways of thinking but also new technological means. Today we have a powerful new set of technologies with which to build new organizational structures when we combine these with new ways of looking at the world and the new models from complexity theory we find yourself with a unique opportunity to really rethink the way we do things and enable system-level change.


Systems Innovation

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