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Water, Crisis or Opportunity? 

At the turn of the 21st century, we are facing an unprecedented global water crisis, around the planet from China and India, to the Middle East and North Africa, to California to Chile. A number of major factors are converging such as a growing population, an increasing global middle class of consumers, urbanization, aging infrastructure, depleted aquifers and climate change, all are interacting to put unprecedented stress on water supply systems around the plant. Water, being deeply interconnected with almost all aspects of economic development, is both one of the greatest opportunities and probably the greatest threat to global economic development in the 21st century. On the one hand, the water crisis is a threat as it has the capacity to trigger rapid socio-political instability like almost nothing else. And in water’s crucial role as part of the energy-water-food nexus, it is at the heart of a broader ecosystem of environmental challenges. 

New Approach

On the other hand, the water crisis can be seen as a huge opportunity to focus resources and innovation on a major leverage point to global economic development. Providing clean, safe water to the millions of people who currently lack it has huge potential to improve the standard of living and productivity in places where it is most needed. Solving this water crisis has in the past few decades gone from being the domain of charities trying to patch things together, into the world of social businesses. As water scarcity increases and water value increases this will create business opportunities that previously did not exist. All these factors lead to the conclusion that water, in all its different shapes and forms, may just be the greatest investment opportunity of the 21st century.


Systems Innovation

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