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We understand that sometimes you might need something better customized to your needs. Our service offerings are designed to assist and support individuals and organizations in the usage of systems thinking in general – and more specifically our research and educational material – by offering the various forms of training, presentations, and consulting services listed below.


Online learning doesn’t always ensure the desired

outcomes, sometimes you need a more

personalized service. We can provide seminars,
training sessions and various other customized
educational services to help individuals and
organizations get a comprehensive grasp on
complex systems and how it relates to their

domain of expertise.

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Systems thinking can be applied to creating new
insights and innovative solutions within almost any
area, but maybe you are not sure where to start or
need a helping hand? We can offer you support and
consulting on the use and application of systems
thinking and systems change ideas and methods in

your specific area of interest.


Do you want to run a Systems Innovation Lab and
need a facilitator to enable you in this? We can
provide someone to support members on their
systems change journey through this collaborative

and experimental approach.

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