Systems Innovation 

  We are an e-Learning and collaborative platform here to help you on        your journey into the new world of systems thinking and systems  innovation 

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Learn Complex topics the Simple Way

With over 300 videos and articles that go in-depth on key topics It has never been easier to learn about systems thinking and systems change.

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Systems change Research Analysis and Insight

Research and analysis exploring what systems innovation means in different domains - from the energy transition to decentralising finance.

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Modular open source toolkits for systems innovation and systems design

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Patti Hamilton

Systems Innovation has provided the world with excellent resources for studying, understanding, and living within a complex world. Check them out!

Charles Plath

Rich resources and group of like-minded people to learn from and bounce ideas off of. Brought most of our product design team into this as well and they get a lot out of it. Helps everyone to think about design as a whole, not just in the weeds.

Gwizer Daniel

Si network performs. It has helped me to overcome the challenges in my company through design thinking and system thinking. Now my company is at the peak of performance.